About The Restaurant Business Plan

Introducing the most comprehensive and affordable way to get your restaurant idea off the ground.  Choose our business plan, financial plan or both to save  countless hours and take one step closer to realizing your dream.

What you get with your business plan!

  • A fully customizable template: 32 page plan in Microsoft Word format
  • 25 pages of detailed appendices including:
    • Local and Regional Dining Demographics Methodology and Survey Results
    • Menu Research Methodology and Survey Results
    • Site Location Analysis
    • Competitive Analysis
    • PLUS 8 more!
  • Every section includes suggestions for customizing the plan to fit your unique restaurant concept
  • This business plan was reviewed and approved by successful restaurant owners, managers and chefs in the San Francisco Bay Area, a leading restaurant market area
  • Free Bonus: 10 page "You Want to Start a Restaurant" Special Report from the California Restaurant Association

Don't forget the financials! 

For an additional $20, you can get the most comprehensive restaurant financial plans available!

  • A fully customizable template: 20 worksheets in Microsoft Excel format
    • Income Statements
    • Lunch and dinner check calculations
    • Cash Flow Statements
    • Payroll Calculations
    • Plus 10 more!
  • Reviewed by experts: The financials were reviewed and approved by an accounting firm specializing in restaurants


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Business Plan Table of Contents


  • The Opportunity
  • Objectives
  • Mission
  • Keys to Success
  • Financing


  • Company Highlights
  • Company Ownership
  • Start-up Summary
  • Company Facilities


  • Fantastic Food
  • Phenomenal Prices
  • Superb Service
  • Amazing Atmosphere


  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Description of Target Markets
  • Location Analysis
  • Restaurant Industry Overview
  • The Rise of "Fast-casual"
  • The Restaurant Industry Today : The Numbers
  • Future Trends & Strategic Opportunities
  • Income Trends
  • Dietary Trends
  • Competitive Comparison


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Advertising and Promotions
  • Advertising Schedule


  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
  • Technology
  • Security
  • Food Specifications
  • Cooking
  • Inventory
  • Human Resources
  • Employee Training & Education
  • Systems & Controls


  • Founders
  • Advisors
  • Compensation & Incentives
  • Consultants & Professional Support Resources
  • Management to be Added
  • Management Structure & Style


  • Expansion
  • Exit Strategy
  • Risks


  • Important Assumptions and Projections
  • Funds Required
  • Shares Offered and Price
  • Distributions (Dividends)


  • Appendix I. Dining Survey of Palo Alto Residents and Professionals
  • Appendix II. Menu Survey of Palo Alto Residents and Professionals
  • Appendix III. Sample Menu
  • Appendix IV. Food Snapshots
  • Appendix V. City, County, and State Data
  • Appendix VI. Bay Area Fast-Casual Success Stories & Numbers
  • Appendix VII. A Brief Glimpse into Downtown Palo Alto
  • Appendix VIII. A Typical Lunch Hour on University Avenue
  • Appendix IX. Sample Floor Plans
  • Appendix X. Marketing Expenses
  • Appendix XI. Competitive Overview
  • Appendix XII. Management Resumes
  • Appendix XIII. Financials

Financial Plan Example

Oct Nov Dec
Net Sales 51,661 69,226 48,622
Cost of Goods Sold 13,462 18,040 12,671
Gross Profit 38,198 51,186 35,951
Salaries & Wages 27,159 27,159 15,976
Employee Benefits  6,016 6,016 3,539
Operating Expenditures  5,525 5,525 3,250
Marketing  2,040 2,040 1,200
Administrative Expenses  3,920 3,920 2,306
Repair & Maintenance  638 638 375
Total Variable Expenses 45,297 45,297 26,645
Rent 5,000 5,000 5,000
Energy & Utility Expenses 1,917 1,917 1,917
Interest 1,159 1,159 1,159
Depreciation & Amort. 1,815 1,815 1,815
Total Fixed Expenses 9,890 9,890 9,890
Total Operating Expenses 55,187 55,187 36,536
NET INCOME FROM OPERATIONS (16,989) (4,002) (584)